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Fluidware 3D programmet.

Nu er det nye program Fluidware 3D klar.
Skynd dig at registrere dig og udforsk det nye program, dette kan være en stor hjælp for din virksomhed.
Du kan registrere dig nu, ved at følge nedenstående link:

First, select the appropriate electric motor and hydraulic pump by easily navigating through our internet based calculation program. Second, choose the "bellhousing" or "cooler bellhousing", in either a "rigid" or a “noise reducing" design. Then choose the appropriate "SPIDEX®" or "DENTEX®" coupling and any necessary assembly accessories.

After your selection, the RajaWin 3D determines the suitable components and generates a 3D model, in formats *.stp, and *.igs and an installation drawing in formats *.DXF, *.PDF, and *.JPG, which you can download into your CAD system.

After you finalize the design, the files you select will be sent to your email address.

Minimum system requirements:
WIN9X, ME, NT, WIN2000,XP or Vista.
Internet Explorer 7
Internet access and email.

Recommended: Pentium PC with minimum graphic resolution of at least 1024x768.



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